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01 . Why do you choose us?

1) Prompt reply. Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied within 24 hours.
2) OEM&ODM Service: OEM to help customers to promote their brands. OEM Logo service provided free of charge if quantity reached 100pcs. Any your idea on camera we can help you to design and put it into products.
3) Considerate service: keep customers notified the order's information including production, shipping, etc information timely and do our best to help save the purchasing cost.
4) Customer-based management policy: will turn the overpaid or underpaid shipping cost & intermediary bank charge into next new order.
5) Technical support. In before sale and after sale
6) Package.Standard Carton, well to protect the cameras during the shipping, Smart Package well to help you selling the products.
7) Credible WARDMAY
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02 . Double-lens IP camera has become the mainstream product in the market. Our new version NVR already supports the control of Dual-Lens Pan & Tilt Cameras, realizing fast zooming, Dual-Lens picture-in-picture display, viewing global details at the same time, and monitoring without dead ends, which is convenient and fast.

①-How to realize zoom focusing on Dual-Lens devices on the NVR side?

After NVR is powered on, connect to the Dual-Lens zoom camera, NVR will automatically determines whether zoom focusing is supported. The Dual-Lens zoom icon "" will be displayed in the lower right corner of the corresponding channel screen. Click the icon to enter the zoom mode and pull the progress. It can realize zoom focusing, view zoom focusing effect in real time, Dual-Lens picture-in-picture display, and view global details at the same time.

②-How to enter zoom mode on NVR?

In multi-screen mode: select the camera channel, click the zoom icon in the lower right corner of the screen to enter to zoom mode.

In single-screen mode: Click the zoom icon in the lower right corner of the screen to enter to the zoom mode. (When the camera is connected to the NVR for the first time, switch to the full-screen will automatically enter the zoom mode without clicking the icon)

③-How to quickly exit zoom mode?

After the screen zoom mode is enabled, right-click to exit the zoom mode, and the screen maintains the effect which zoomed.

④-Does the mobile APP support zooming and focusing on the device?

Xmeye pro already supported to add NVR to zoom the Dual-Lens camera.

03 . What is the Extend function and when is the function available?

Extend is a super-long transmission function, which can be turned on if the power supply equipment (camera type) exceeds 100 meters.

The camera signal is disturbed or insufficient in intensity, causing the image transmission to be stuck, intermittent, etc. In this mode, the power supply port is 10M duplex. It is not recommended to access other network devices such as AP.

04 . Why does a POE IP camera fail to supply power when connected to different POE switches?

At present, common PD devices on the market are also subject to wire order differences. Some devices only support 45/78 or 12/36 power. For example, the switch uses 12/36 power supply, and the PD also needs to support 12/36 power receiving.